The Sinclair Family Carnival Cruise 2007

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In May 2007 we went on a cruise.
   On May 3rd we flew to Miami to board the Carnival Cruise Ship "IMAGINATION". We cruised through the night and docked in Key West in the morning. We spent most of the day there making stops at some renowned places like Sloppy Joe's, The Key West Lime Store and the marker for the Southern most point in the United States as well as a narrated trolley tour of the area.

    We re-boarded and set sail for Mexico which took the rest of the day and all of the night. We docked at a small place called Calica and took a bus to a place called Xcaret. Xcaret is an Ecological park on the site of some Mayan ruins. It is a beautiful place with way more to see than we had time for. Sherry swam with the dolphins there as well as went diving in a helmet of sorts to see the tropical fish in the absolutely clear water there. The girls enjoyed the cove where the water was shallow and protected and they could play and swim. I just relaxed on the beach under a big grass umbrella in a lounge chair drinking Coronas from the bar on the beach. I wanted to see the Mayan ruins while we were there but next thing you know it was time to re-board the ship. We missed our shuttle bus and had to take a cab but still made it back to the ship in time.

    We set sail for another full night at sea. Of course I haven't mentioned that on board was enough to do that you really never needed to leave the ship. There were 3 pools and as many bubbling spas. More food than you could ever eat, with food available 24 hours a day. Shopping, night clubs featuring various musical entertainment, comedians and broadway shows, a salon, miniature golf, a jogging track, an art gallery, a library, an internet cafe, plus available babysitting and other supervised activities for the kids so the parents could go do things. But the one thing that impressed me the most was the water. I have lived less than 2 hours from the ocean for decades and all I have evzddzer seen is the "green" ocean but in the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, the water is BLUE, real blue and clear. It was awesome. Oh yeah, another thing that was nice. When you were seated in the Main dining room, you didn't have 'A' waiter, you had 3. One was just for drinks and the other 2 were there to take care of your dining needs, from unfolding your napkin and placing it in your lap to being sure your food was just like you wanted it. You don't get that kind of treatment at 'Red Lobster'.

   We wrapped up the trip spending a day in Florida. We took a tour of the Everglades which included a half hour or so out on the swamp in an airboat and finished with a bit of an education about the creatures that live there including the crocodile and the alligator. We even got to hold a baby alligator. Well that's enough of that. You're probably here for the pictures any way.

   We took over 300 pictures and on the following pages we present our pick of the lot. I started with the pictures from the digital camera and have posted about 75 of those. Next I scanned the pictures that we paid for on the cruise. ( there is a photographer around every corner.) next I am posting scans of the pictures we took with the 35 mm waterproof cameras we took ashore at Mexico. We took four but arrived home with only two and are really disappointed because some of the best pictures we took in Mexico are on the two that are missing. Hopefully they will turn up.

   I hope you enjoy the pictures. If any one has any comments or wants to know more about the trip just drop me an E-Mail at

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